Who, What, Where, When and Why Not?

We are Avocado n’ Ostrich.  It’s a combination that you would never imagine.  But, the more you think about it, they compliment each other.

The sense of style and design in our work is derived from the awkward and brash.  Then it is refined to be precise and smooth.  Basically the inspiration of a gawky, angry Ostrich that is distilled into something everyone loves, say, a ripe Avocado.

Our goal is to provide you with designs and imagines that are unique and powerful, but accessible and subtle.  Think of it like a good mid range wine that will impress your friends, but not break your bank.


We are designers, writers and photographers that find inspiration in far flung places and our own backyard.  Our sense of adventure is the primary muse in our works.


Photos and designs to decorate your walls, outfits, accessories in a way that will be different from everyone else.


We are online and therefore everywhere, well figuratively.


Now and until we run out of ideas and inspiration.  So, basically until we’re dead.

Why Not?

We have something to say with what we create and its up to you to listen, if you want to.